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3 min readApr 16, 2021


Tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter for AxieChat.

After 7 months of weekly shows, and over 36 episodes, Enjoi and Baronar have learned what works (and what doesn’t) for a community show. We’ve done interviews with founders, collectors, and creators. We’ve pushed for leeks from the team, and discovered materials hidden in game files before anyone else. We’ve hosted community parties and giveaways, and speculated on tokenomics, axienomics, and launch timelines. All that said, we want to go deeper.

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm EST we will be launching our public discord, called AxieChat All AXS (see what we did there?). This is a place to learn more about the Axie ecosystem, ask questions, and grow and learn together. Everyone is welcome:

To help support ongoing (and more in-depth) content creation, we are also launching our Premium Membership.

Its important to note that while we will offer new features for people who want to further support the show, nothing will be materially changing about the AxieChat you currently know and love. We will still be doing our standard show every Tuesday at 8pm EST. The discord is open to everyone. There is no cost required to be part of the AxieChat Family.

The Premium Membership however does come with some perks:
It will give access to private segments (in Discord on Tuesdays at 9pm EST, after the public show), the full back catalog of episodes, access to more in-depth conversations around more speculative aspects, and of course more conversation with guests and hosts. We will work hard to continue providing value to our supporters (both paid and free) long term, and plan to deliver exclusive detailed content for the long term.

To access these perks, you will need to hold a collectable NFT. There are two tiers:

👉The Founders Pass — .5ETH

This pass is good for as long as AxieChat is in business — no limitations. It does include a special Founders channel in our Discord, but aside from that and the length of time its active, it is otherwise the same as the Quarterly Pass. It is designated by an NFT, as shown below. There will be only 100 available forever, and they will stay on sale until sold out (or further notice).

👉The Quarterly Pass— .1ETH

The Quarterly pass will be good for 3 months (Q1 Jan-March, Q2 April-June, Q3 July-Sept, Q4 Oct-Dec) and membership will expire once that quarter is complete. There will be 300 available this quarter (Q2), with remaining copies burned 1 week following the sale. Future Quarterly Passes may change design to document happenings in the Axie Ecosystem and will act as a collectible of sorts.

These Premium Membership NFT’s will go on sale at 8pm EST on Saturday 4/17 on Rarible — Please follow or join the AxieChat discord for announcements and more information.

Axie Hard,
Baronar & Enjoi

Disclaimer: AxieChat is a community effort produced and performed by Baronar and Enjoi. AxieChat is unaffiliated with Axie Infinity/Sky Mavis and is not an official source for Axie Infinity information.



Axie Chat

Axie Chat is a podcast focusing on all things Axie Infinity, the Ethereum based Blockchain game by Sky Mavis.